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Need Headshots for you, a small team, the whole company, or even a large convention? Our sessions are designed to be an efficient and cost-effective way to get high quality Headshots for for various needs.

Looking for a highly detailed portrait? Hair, makeup, glamour? We'll guide you and inspire you and together using influences from nature, the art, and fashion bring out something beautiful. That is the beauty of having an experienced professional to work with.

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In Calgary and around the world Headshots are often the first impression that many of our clients present in their respective fields. For that reason we do our best to create eye catching photographs that set the tone needed to best represent you to the professional world. Perfect for your Social Media profiles such as LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram.

Headshot of Brunette Woman on a Grey Backdrop. Megan Gupton.
Headshot of Sandy Blonde Man on a Black Backdrop. Mark Riddle
Paul Zawarynski
Headshot of a Brunette Woman with Blonde Highlights in a Blue Top. Gemma Sofia
Headshot of a man with glasses, grey suit, blue white black tie. Scott Scheffelmaier.
Headshot of a blonde woman in black on a white backdrop. Kayla Taylor
Headshot of a man in a striped shirt, black jacket on a white backdrop. Derek From
Headshot of bald man in a dark suite on a grey backdrop. Ronald Headley
Headshot of bald man in a dark suite on a grey backdrop. Ronald Headley
Headshot of a brunette woman in blue at SAIT. Kim Vlastelic
Headshot of brunette man in a suit no tie at SAIT
Headshot of a red haired woman wearing bright pink at SAIT. Amy Harvey Wittmann
Headshot of brunette woman with hoop earrings and necklace at SAIT
Headshot of a bald man with glasses at SAIT
Headshot of a blonde woman in a blue top with a black Cadigan at SAIT


Here are 4 reasons why you need a professional headshot in Calgary:

  1. You must look like a professional to be taken seriously in your profession. Investing in a high quality, professionally taken Headshot is an investment in your personal brand. It shows you at your very best, the way you want your clients to see you. Most of us feel we aren’t photogenic. When you look professional, potential clients, investors, etc. that haven’t made your acquaintance yet are going to be more likely to want to meet you when they see your business portrait. Local photographers for Headshots are your best choice as they know their business community.
  2. We believe that a great Headshot gives people an idea of your personality before you meet them. Your Headshot doesn’t have to be all smiles. A serious expression shows determination and that you mean business. Our clients like to match their expression with their personality. The best Headshot photographers know how to coach you to feel comfortable and look approachable and friendly.
  3. Stay top of mind by updating your photograph every couple of years to refresh your image and how you appear online when people search your name, which happens more than you think! By including a memorable professional business portrait on all your social media accounts, Google highlights those images in your profile and updates them. Almost like free advertising.
  4. Take your best shot! No pun intended. We live in a fast paced digital world ever changing. Visitors to your web site or social media channels are looking for a photograph. They want to connect with you on a visual level. They may pass up your profile and move on to the next specialist in your field, if you don’t connect with them right away. This is the best opportunity to make a great first impression that your potential clients will appreciate.

Team Session

Upgrade your team's professional presence with this exclusive package. We bring our studio to your office and one-by-one capture headshots of each team member. This convenient package eliminates travel time for your team and minimizes turn-around time for final photos, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Elevate your corporate image with polished and cohesive headshots. It's more than just a photo – it's an investment in your team's success.

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Professional. High-fashion. Fun. Portraits are our specialty. We’ll shoot your portrait in a way that conveys how you want the world to see you.

Angeline Arsenault
Kelley Woods
Melaine Sampson
Melaine Sampson
Kyle Herron
Carissa Baktay
Megan Dugdale
Grant Cooper

Creative Portraits

Everyone has a professional and a playful side. Creative Portraits bring together your work and life passions. They’re a unique way to introduce the real you.

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Graduation Portraits

High School, College, or University — Graduation in Calgary is a huge milestone that needs to be celebrated! We know how hard you’ve worked to get here and your proud smile reflects the hard work it took to make this joyous moment a reality.

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“Schedule your appointment via email for individual or group sessions. You can always reach out if you have questions about customizing a package to meet your needs.”

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Pricing & Packages


Come to our studio where we'll shoot a series of photos and you're out in 30 minutes or less. You'll receive one new Headshot with the option to purchase more. Perfect for Social Media avatars and your LinkedIn profile photo.



Portrait sessions are in the studio or out and about town. Everything is styled and perfectly planned. You'll get everything you need from the Session. Wardrobe changes, various locations, background changes.



Searching for effective ways to build your brand? High quality photos for your site & advertising is a solid investment. We work with you in planning a style that helps you stand out. You, your team, your clients, in your facilities or on location.


Grad Session

Get together with classmate friends or family on location at your school or your favourite spot off-campus. This is a 1 hour session and includes 5-10 photos.


Mini Session

A unique session we set up at one central location and book many clients back-to-back for 30–60 minutes. This is your opportunity to have a quick photoshoot at a great price. A minimum of five people is required.


sitting fees, travel fees, and/or editing fees may apply