Calgary Photography & Video Production

Personal, professional, and commercial. We offer both photographic and cinematic services custom tailored to your vision. With our combined experience in the visual arts, corporate branding, and working with people of all stripes we’ll take you through the process of producing video or photographic materials that get to the heart of your message. Clarity and stunning visuals are always top of mind.

We're Chestermere, Calgary, and Southern Alberta's #1 husband and wife photography & video team covering events, portraits, headshots, maternity, newborn, family, lifestyle, theatre, commercial, editorial, corporate, and weddings.

A baby in a wooden basket surrounded buy nautical decorations on some grey blankets.

“Embrace light. Admire it. Love it. But above all, know light...”

A pregnant woman knelling. Her brunette hair is braided and she's wearing a white sweater. There's refracted light.

Some Favourites

Black & White photo of a nude woman sitting on the ground with cars passing by. Tastefully covers her naked body. Art
Husband & White sitting with their new-born daughter between them. Outside bookended by green ferns. Family.
An opera woman in a theatre holding a glass while singing. She wears a jack-o-lantern suit. Theatre.
Closeup of a groom tying his purple and pink tie. Wedding.
Girl with her back against a blue & red wall at the Calgary Central Library. She has flowers in her hair. Lifestyle.
A lead singer with a red tie basking in blue stage lighting. Concert.
A Newborn studio portrait with a cream background. She's wrapped in grey with a grey toque. Newborn.
Black & White portrait of a beautiful woman sitting in Princess Island Park in Calgary Alberta. Portrait.